Your gender is not my problem.

For starters I would like to say I hate no one. Just because I do not agree with you or your lifestyle does not mean I hate you. People have to realize that disagreeing does not translate into a phoiba. If you think this way then you my friend are the problem.

The President of this great country has decided to make the school system to accept a behavior that for thousands of years has been deemed unacceptable. This so called discrimination  against transgenders is not discrimination  at all. For one thing to compair it to the civil rights movement is a disgrace.  They are not a race. Just because a very small amount of people decided to identify with a gender they are not does not make it our problem. If you want to be a woman or a man do it on your time not my grand childrens.

I do not want a grown man in the same locker room or shower as my grand daughter or the same with the women  with my grand sons. It just isn’t  right. Not to mention that it is closer to being a pervert or a pedophile  than transgender. If you have had a complete sex change then fine. Although you are still man or woman you have the right plumbing then. Other wise stay out of the place you are not mention to be in.

Yes I am just an old guy that grew up in 50’s an 60s. Served my country during Vietnam, played hippie, did to many things I am really not to proud of but there is one thing I have  learned, that is every one grows up and has to accept themselves for who they are and not for who they think they are. If you are a boy or man accept it same with a woman or girl. If you are confused then get help. It is not a life we can change we are who we are.